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Welcome to this random index page that I quickly made back when I had to switch hosters in a hurry. I might even change it one day (yeah, right)!

2013-01-12 (r2245 patched build v1)

New builds for a change, which seem to output a lot of more or less meaningful warnings onto stdout/stderr (whichever was used).

Also, if you are using matroska output with x264-audio, there is a rather big chance that you will have to remux with mkvmerge after the encode finishes, or otherwise you'll be left with a mux that stops video with Haali, and makes mplayer2's mkv splitter crash ^^;

(Tested with libvorbis)


current builds (r2245, heavily patched)






x264_L-SMASH: git-d0e0fec (patched sources here), libav: git-f6804c3, ffms: 742, libogg: 1.3.0, libvorbis: aotuv-b6.03_20110424